Why Now is a Great Time to Sell Your Home in Cobb County, Atlanta

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Why Now is a Great Time to Sell Your Home in Cobb County, Atlanta

Thinking about selling your house in Atlanta, specifically in Cobb County? Now might be a better time than you think. While mortgage rates have gone up a bit, your personal needs and goals are just as important. Plus, the housing market in Cobb County is showing some promising trends. Here's a closer look at why selling now could be a smart move for you.

Positive Market Trends in Cobb County

Cobb County's real estate market is doing well. As of September 2023, the median sale price for homes is $415,000, which is a 1.5% increase from last year. Homes are also selling faster, staying on the market for just 22 days compared to 24 days last year. So, even though there were fewer homes sold this year, those that did sell went for higher prices and in less time.

Reasons to Make a Move


Maybe you've got a new job or you're seeking a change in lifestyle. Atlanta's a diverse place and maybe another part of it—or even another state—is calling your name. If you snagged a great job offer, now's the perfect time to sell and relocate.


Is your family growing? Or maybe you want more room for a home office or gym? With home prices rising in Cobb County, now might be the right time to sell your current home and move into a bigger one.


Retired recently? Kids moved out? Sometimes less is more. Selling your larger home could give you the freedom to find a smaller place that's easier to manage, like a nice condo closer to the heart of Atlanta.

Change in Relationship

Big changes like getting married or going through a divorce often mean it's time to sell. Doing so can help you start fresh, whether that's combining households or moving on independently.

Health Concerns

If you or a family member have new health needs, selling your home could be the right step towards a living situation that's more accommodating.

Time to Take Action?

Yes, mortgage rates are higher now. But your life circumstances and the positive market trends in Cobb County are also significant factors. Deciding to sell is a big, personal decision, but if any of the above reasons resonate with you, now might just be the perfect time to make your move. With the market conditions in your favor, you'll be well-positioned to find a new home that better suits your needs.


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