Considering Selling Your Home? Discover Why Now is the Perfect Time in Atlanta!

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Considering Selling Your Home? Discover Why Now is the Perfect Time in Atlanta!

Considering stepping into the role of home seller in the present housing market? Here's a quick snapshot of what's going on, specifically in the Atlanta area, to help you make an informed decision:

Current Landscape:

  • Inventory Shortage: At the moment, we are facing an inventory deficit, which has been building up over the last 14 years. It creates a favorable environment for sellers as the competition is less fierce.
  • Mortgage Rate Lock-In Effect: A considerable number of homeowners are choosing not to sell to avoid higher rates on their next home. This is further reducing the available inventory, making it a seller's market. Some people call this the "Golden Handcuffs." 
  • Media Skepticism & Misinformation: Some misleading headlines have created a hesitant atmosphere for potential sellers. Cutting through the noise with reliable information is key now.

Your Neighborhood Insights:

  • Housing Trends in Atlanta: Stability is the word! With steady demand and stable prices, the Atlanta-metro area has been holding its ground well, especially compared to national trends and the costs. 
  • Limited Supply & High Demand: US news and world reports - claims there is only a 2.4-month supply of homes - our metro ATLANTA Area is 2.5 (less than half the balanced market benchmark), your property is bound to get noticed more easily amidst the current high demand.
  • Price Trends: As of July, the median home price is sitting at $395,000, a slight increase from last year and a figure that's below the national average, hinting at a lucrative opportunity for sellers.

Why Atlanta is Buzzing:

  • Robust Economy: Metro Atlanta boasts the 10th largest economy in the country, housing nearly 6 million residents and over 150,000 businesses. It is the proud headquarters to 18 FORTUNE 500 companies, including giants like Coca-Cola and Home Depot.
  • Business Relocations: The region continues to attract renowned companies, Porsche and Mercedes-Benz being notable additions. These moves are expected to bolster job opportunities, with Atlanta accounting for 59% of Georgia's new jobs in 2017, with giants like Rivian and its 5 billion dollar facility.
  • Affordability: Companies and individuals alike are drawn to Atlanta's affordability, with lower real estate costs and a cost of living that's very approachable compared to other cities like New York and Los Angeles.
  • Educational Excellence: A well-educated workforce, fostered by institutions such as Georgia Tech and Emory University, serves as a magnet for corporate relocations, assuring quality local talent for businesses.
  • Tax Incentives: Businesses are reaping substantial tax benefits from relocating to Atlanta, enhancing the city's allure as a corporate headquarters hub. Google, Microsoft, and Delta employees. 
  • Cultural and Recreational Richness: Beyond economics, Atlanta stands as a vibrant cultural center, offering an array of entertainment options. In Atlanta, we love our sporting events in the world-famous Mercedes-Benz stadium and the beloved Atlanta Braves at the battery. 


What It Means for You:

It's a Prime Time to Sell: The limited inventory scenario can work beautifully to your advantage, potentially making your property a hot commodity. A well-informed agent can be your ally in navigating these market dynamics efficiently, ensuring you get the best deal.

Remember, it's always beneficial to have a friend with insights when you decide to make your move. Feel free to reach out for a casual chat about the market dynamics, no strings attached!

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