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The Atlanta BeltLine

The Beltline in Atlanta, Georgia, is an innovative urban redevelopment project that promises to transform the city in a variety of ways. Here are five things everyone should know about this remarkable project:

1. The Beltline project to create new public parks, multi-purpose trails, and transit systems that will connect 45 neighborhoods around the Atlanta area. This network of paths and green spaces will enhance local residents' quality of life and boost Atlanta’s economy.

2. The new infrastructure being created as part of the Beltline project includes 33 miles of light rail and 22 miles of commuter rail that link existing transit systems together. Streetcars, buses, bike lanes, and pedestrian paths are also planned for the area.

3. In addition to the infrastructure projects, the Beltline aims to bring more green space into the city, with up to 200 acres of parks and green spaces connected by trails. This will allow local residents access to places for relaxation and recreation close to home without having to drive far away from their homes.

4. Since its inception in 2005, the Beltline has made significant progress towards its goal of creating a vibrant urban environment by connecting people with places they want to go within their own neighborhoods or across town. Construction is underway on several portions of the trail now, and more than 500 units of affordable housing have already been built near existing segments of the trail thanks to private-public partnerships between developers and government entities like Invest Atlanta.

5. The success of this ambitious project is due in large part to support from local businesses who recognize that increased connectivity throughout the city will translate into an uptick in both visitors and customers as well as improved quality-of-life benefits for all residents living along or near the Beltline corridor when it's complete in 2030.


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