Right Now Is An Awesome Time To Buy a Home in Atlanta, And Here's Why

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Right Now Is An Awesome Time To Buy a Home in Atlanta, And Here's Why

Why Atlanta Rocks for Home Buyers

Atlanta is one of the best places for real estate in 2023. It's the only city to hit all 10 important factors like being able to afford a home and having lots of jobs. Big companies like Apple and Microsoft are opening offices here, which means more people are moving to Atlanta. That's making houses sell fast!

The Numbers Say It All

  • Home Sales in July: 4,717 houses were sold, even though that's a 20.1% drop from last year.
  • Home Prices: The average price of a home is $510,500, which is 2.6% higher than last year.
  • Houses Available: There are 10,169 homes for sale, but that's 20.5% less than last year.

What Does All This Mean?

Even though fewer houses were sold this July compared to last year, the prices are going up. There are also fewer houses available, which means they're going to sell fast and for more money. So if you want to get a good deal, you need to act now.

Worried About Affordability?

More than 20% of people renting in Atlanta can actually afford to buy a house. That's better than most places in the U.S. Plus, the average home price is still around $430,000, which is a 3.6% decrease from last year.

Don't Wait

Homes are staying on the market for about 41 days on average. But with fewer homes available and prices going up, waiting could cost you more.

Rent Prices Going Up Too

Rent isn't cheap either! A one-bedroom apartment is around $1,709 a month. Two-bedroom apartments are $2,280 a month. Rent prices are rising fast in places like Rome, Decatur, and Athens. So why rent when you can own?

In short, if you're thinking about buying a house in Atlanta, you should do it now. Waiting might mean less choice and higher prices. Grab the opportunity while you can!

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