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Please Connect Us – Help Us Grow

Please Connect Us – Help Us Grow
We are never too busy for your referrals. Have you heard this before, do you know what it means? We sincerely want you to connect us with anyone you know who has real estate questions – no matter where they live. This “referral” by introducing us to them is the best compliment you can give us (and accounts for a significant, important part of sustaining our business) and we promise we will take exceptional care of them.

Sage and Grace Realty Group, part of Clareo Real Estate, is always honored to help you, your friends, family, coworkers, and colleagues – here or anywhere! Now and in the future.

If they are nearby, we will of course meet with them in person and give them the best-of-class personalized, professional customer service you know we pride ourselves on consistently providing to answer questions and help them achieve all their real estate goals.

Even if they don’t live nearby, we can still help ensure their real estate questions are answered and they are working with real estate professionals they can trust.

When meeting new clients, at home and afar, we learn about their questions and goals, then introduce them to trusted partners we know all over the world. For example – TEXAS CASE STUDY:

Our very good friend and client, Suzy, lives in Dallas, Texas. She planned to buy a second home as an investment property and short term rental on the lake. She was having trouble finding a Realtor who could provide the information she was looking for and the help she needed. (I.E. personalized professional service!) So, we spoke with her and found out information like what areas she was interested in, types of properties, timeline, and budget. Also what she expected from a real estate professional and what type of people she works best with. We then used our connections and interviewed several agents to find the right fit for her… someone with extensive knowledge of that area and specific types of properties and a track-record of success. We connected Suzy with an amazing agent whom she could trust, who helped her find and get and just the right place! See her new home here.

Suzy writes:

“My husband and I reached out to Judy for help finding the right Realtor in our area. We had difficulty finding the right person to help us get a house on the lake. We knew Judy could help us. She used her expertise and network to find some great potential options and then helped us narrow in on a great Realtor. Now we have a lake house!”

No matter where, we are happy to help you and your colleagues find trusted resources and build wealth through real estate. Who do you know thinking of making a move, who can benefit from our services, do you have questions – Sage and Grace Realty Group is ready to help.

Please connect us right away – call, email, or text introductions are welcome. We thank you!

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