Neoclassicism Aesthetic entering 2023

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Neoclassicism Aesthetic entering 2023

Neoclassicism has been a major influence in interior design since the early 2000s, and it shows no sign of waning. The minimalist aesthetic of neoclassical style has become increasingly popular with modern home décor trends, and its prevalence is only expected to increase in the years to come. In 2023, neoclassicism will reign supreme as an interior design trend given its timelessness and versatility.


Neoclassicism follows a classic approach to design which draws upon traditional forms from antiquity. This means that furniture pieces such as armchairs, sofas, chandeliers, and bookcases are often inspired by ancient Greek or Roman designs. Neoclassical interiors are usually subdued in color palette – think cream-white walls, pastel blues, grey coral, and pastel pinks, for upholstery and furnishings – giving them a serene atmosphere without feeling too bare or clinical.


When it comes to textures, neoclassical interiors are all about elegant upholstered pieces combined with gold or silver accents. Upholstery should feature natural fabrics like linen or cotton, while velvet can be used sparingly for an extra touch of luxury. Antique mirrors and artworks add a sense of history to the room, while marble flooring provides a sophisticated air of refinement. Precious metals like brass and copper also help bring life into the room without detracting from the overall minimalist feel that characterizes neoclassical interiors.


Another important element of neoclassical interior design is symmetry; making sure that elements like furniture placement are evenly balanced is key to achieving this look. To get the most out of your space, make sure that there is enough breathing room between furniture pieces for easy passage (which helps create a sense of grandeur). Adding statement pieces such as oversized wall clocks or sculptures can help create visual interest in each corner of the room as well.


Overall, 2023 promises to be an exciting year for neoclassical-style interior design given its timelessness and versatility that appeals to contemporary sensibilities. By taking into account these tips on textures, colors and symmetrical placement, you’ll be sure to achieve an elegant yet inviting home décor that brings together classic style with modern chic!

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