Krog Street Market In Atlanta Georgia

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Krog Street Market In Atlanta Georgia

Located along the Atlanta Belt Line between Irwin Street and Edgewood Avenue in Inman Park, Krog Street Market offers a great place to stop on your afternoon walk to explore the shops and restaurants. The historic 1889 building, once home to Atlanta Stove Works, has been preserved in celebration of the rich history of Inman Park. Krog Street Market features a “living room” where you can relax and dine communally after choosing what to eat from some of Atlanta’s favorite restaurants. Easily accessible by foot, bike and automobile, Krog Street Market has plenty of parking for both two and four vehicles.

The market features a variety of different dining establishments. From award-winning barbecue to sushi, Southern fried chicken, and everything in between, Krog Street Market offers something for every taste. Krog also offers retail shopping and hosts unique shop and walk experiences. Discover new hidden gems while walking through the bustling atmosphere at this open-air bazaar. Pedal down the Beltline to enjoy the sights and sounds of Atlanta, taking in the city in its fullest form. With convenient access to this market, simply take a stroll or hop on your bike for a hassle-free way to see all that Atlanta has to offer!

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