Kickstart Your Atlanta Home Journey with Lawan: Your Trusted Realtor

Kickstart Your Atlanta Home Journey with Lawan: Your Trusted Realtor

Are you dreaming of owning a home in Atlanta, Georgia, but find the process a bit confusing? Worry not! Lawna from Clareo Real Estate recently sat down with the expert Ben Thornton to share some easy-to-understand tips for first-time homebuyers. Here's a summary of their conversation to help you get started:

Get to Know Ben: A Real Estate Guru

Ben Thornton is not new to the real estate game. He has been helping people find their dream homes for 16 years and has owned his own company, Capital Mortgage Solutions, for 8 years.

A Peek Into the Atlanta Real Estate Market

According to Lawna and Ben, now is a fantastic time for you to take your first step into the Atlanta home-owning world. It's a golden opportunity to start building a solid foundation through property investment.

Ben's Three Golden Tips for First-Time Buyers in Atlanta

Ben shares three simple tips to make the journey smoother for aspiring home owners in Atlanta:

  1. No Need for Perfect Credit Score Many folks think a flawless credit score is necessary to buy a home. The good news? It's not! You can still secure a lovely home in Atlanta without a perfect score.

  2. Gifts Can Help with Down Payments A common belief is that the initial money for buying a home (the down payment) must come from personal savings. But you can actually use gifts from family or friends to boost your down payment, a trend that is growing in popularity.

  3. Small Down Payments are Possible You don't have to save up a massive 20% down payment to purchase a home. Ben mentions that there are programs in Atlanta where you can start with as little as 1%, making it easier to step into your new home.

Understanding Down Payments

Many first-timers are curious about how much they need to save for the down payment. Ben advises chatting with a knowledgeable local mortgage broker in Atlanta to get the real scoop on financing your home purchase.

The Lowdown on Interest Rates

A hot topic among buyers is the current state of interest rates. Although rates are a bit higher now, Ben suggests there are strategies, like temporary buy-downs, that can provide a lower rate for a while. This means that even with higher rates, it's still a favorable time to dive into the Atlanta housing market.


To wrap up, Ben highlights the importance of knowing your options, including the benefits of temporary buy-downs, to successfully navigate the current market in Atlanta. Lawna appreciates Ben's straightforward approach in explaining these aspects, helping first-time buyers in Atlanta embark on a successful homebuying journey with confidence.

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