Key Questions for New Realtors to Ask During a Broker Interview

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As a newly licensed realtor, finding the right broker to work with is crucial for a successful career in real estate. The interview with a potential broker is the best opportunity to understand if their firm is the right fit for your goals and working style. Here are essential questions you should ask during the interview.

1. What Kind of Training and Support Do You Offer?

Understanding the training and support provided by the broker is vital for your growth, especially if you're new in the field. Ask about the types of training sessions, mentorship programs, and resources available to help you become proficient in your job.

2. How is the Commission Structure?

Discussing financial aspects upfront is important. Inquire about the commission split, any desk fees, or other costs associated with working at the brokerage. This will help you gauge your potential earnings and compare it with other opportunities.

3. What Marketing Tools and Resources Are Available?

Marketing is a key aspect of real estate. Ask what tools and resources the brokerage provides to assist in marketing properties. This includes digital marketing tools, listing services, and advertising support.

4. Can You Describe the Company Culture?

The culture of the brokerage can significantly impact your work life. Ask about the work environment, values, and the team dynamics. Understanding this can help you decide if you would fit well within the organization.

5. What Technology and Tools Do You Provide?

Technology plays a major role in modern real estate transactions. Inquire about the CRM systems, data analysis tools, and other technology the brokerage uses. This will give you an idea of how technologically advanced and efficient the firm is.

6. How Do You Support Agent Growth and Development?

Ask how the broker supports long-term career growth. This could include opportunities for advancing in roles, ongoing training, and how they assist in developing your personal real estate brand.

7. What is the Client Acquisition Strategy?

Understanding how clients are acquired and distributed is crucial. Ask about lead generation methods, client referral systems, and how leads are shared among agents.


Choosing the right broker is a significant step in your real estate career. Asking these questions will give you a clearer picture of what to expect and how well the brokerage aligns with your career aspirations. Remember, it's not just about them choosing you, but also about you choosing the right environment to thrive in.

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