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Is affordable Housing no longer available in Paulding County?

affordable housing

Is affordable Housing no longer available in Paulding County?

Paulding County's New Zoning Changes:

What It Means for Dallas and Georgia Housing Affordability

In a significant move that has stirred both concern and support among residents and developers, Paulding County (Georgia) has implemented new zoning regulations that are set to transform the housing landscape. The changes, approved in April 2024, focus on raising the standards for new home construction, but they also come with a hefty price tag that could push many homes out of the affordable range.

Stricter Building Requirements

The updated zoning rules mandate that homes in the Planned Residential Development (PRD) districts must adhere to specific architectural styles and construction standards. These include:

- Use of brick, stone, or masonry siding for at least 70% of the exterior.
- Inclusion of covered front porches and front stoops made of rock or brick.
- Roof designs with pitches of 8:12 or greater on the front elevation and 6:12 or greater on the main body.
- Side entry garages.

These stringent requirements aim to enhance the aesthetic appeal and structural integrity of new homes. However, they come at a cost, potentially adding around $200,000 to the price of each new home. This increase could push the cost of entry-level homes from approximately $300,000 to about $500,000, making them unaffordable for many potential buyers.

Impact on Affordable Housing

The new zoning regulations are expected to impact over 10,000 planned homes in the county. Developers and affordable housing advocates have raised concerns that these changes will significantly limit the availability of affordable housing. The adjustments will apply even to some previously approved developments unless they already have an approved preliminary plat, effectively halting many planned housing projects. 

Paulding county has long been known for it's affordable homes, high quality of life, good schools, and accessibility to Atlanta and Hartsdfield Airport. 

Community Response

The community's response to these changes has been mixed. Some residents applaud the move, believing it will maintain the quality and character of the county, which has traditionally been known for its affordable housing. Others, however, argue that the changes are a significant barrier to affordable housing and will make it difficult for new families and lower-income residents to find homes in the area.

Trends in Housing 

Paulding County's decision highlights a broader trend in zoning practices that balance quality with affordability. While the new regulations aim to preserve the county's aesthetic and structural standards, they also pose challenges for maintaining affordable housing options. As the county continues to develop, it will be crucial to find a balance that meets the needs of all residents.

For more details on the zoning changes and their implications, you can read the full article HERE, skillfully explained by our friends at the Atanta Real Estate Forum and access the updated zoning ordinances HERE, at the Paulding county municipal code site. 

Stay informed about local zoning and housing developments to better navigate the evolving real estate market in Paulding County.


If you have any questions or need assistance with navigating these changes, feel free to contact us at Clareo Real Estate. We're here to help you find the best housing solutions in this dynamic market.

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