House vs Home


House vs Home

A House is a structure, and humans need shelter.  As a basic human need, houses should always sell. 

Once human basic Needs are satisfied, they focus on what they Want. They can be particular about what they Want. 

People want a home (not just a house) : humans want to FEEL safe and loved. 

A place for family FEELS warm, stable and secure. It also makes them FEEL proud and accomplished. A buyer can’t touch or feel. A Home FEELS like love. 

When selling a home, it’s important to remember that buyers are evaluating their choices based on both needs and wants. 

People often wonder why one house sold quickly and for top dollar in the neighborhood. Often, houses sell under market value or take a long time to sell. 

My life experiences selling real estate and working with buyers and sellers has taught me that people are predictable and decisions are often not based on logic. 

Understanding more about the Buyers decision making process will help a homeowner prepare their home for sale, with better results. 

Needs are the logical considerations that goes into evaluating a house. They can be checked off a list. 

  • Number of bedrooms and baths
  • Size 
  • Location 

Wants are sometimes tangible, like a fenced back yard or a third car garage. 

People can be flexible on their wants or desires, once the Needs are satisfied. 

Wants are often intangible. They are often just a “feeling”.

“Wants” are influenced by emotion. 

In my experience: 

  • DECISIONS about NEEDS are made with LOGIC. 
  • DECISIONS ABOUT PRICE are made with logic. 
  • DECISIONS about ACTION and COMMITMENT are made by FEELING . 

Property Values can be determined with a skilled evaluation and computer. They    are logical determined by:

  • Location
  • Quality of the structure 
  • Condition 
  • Demand - (supply vs demand)

When selling a home, it’s important to understand the things that influence Value and pricing . 

Homeowners and sales professionals have no control over location or demand. We can influence quality and condition. 

Decisions about Action are made by FEELING. 

Decisions to make a good offer and stay committed through the sale process are influenced by Emotion. 

Selling a home with predictable results is my job. 

There is no “perfect” in real estate sales. What I do, is evaluate a property based on what a typical Buyer will be evaluating. It is helpful for homeowners to understand that criteria, and how to influence the results. 

How does it FEEL? 

Influenced by look, lighting, decor, lighting, 

( photography moves people from browsing online to in person ) 

the other sensory perceptions like temperature, smell, touch ( carpet/flooring, fixtures, switches), and sounds

Influence the FEEL. This is all part of the in- person experience, which is lost on video. 

When viewing a “Home” ( not a house) we can influence many things. To get the best results, be knowledgeable and proactive. 

Some of the comments I have heard Buyers make when viewing a home: 

  • “ I don’t know, it just doesn’t feel right”
  • “Uh- its cold, just isn’t warm”
  • “Ew, it stinks” insert any smell : off- putting smells like pets, mildew, closed up and stagnant bring the most comments. 
  • “It’s so dark- I need more light”
  • “It feels closed off” or “I feel claustrophobic”
  • “I feel lost in here”
  • “It’s so echo-ey”

While these comments are frustrating for a homeowner and agent to receive, when we listen carefully, we can isolate some things that are keeping buyers from emotionally connecting to the property. 

Proper preparation includes all the things that can influence Buyers decision making process: 

  • Market evaluation (data) and pricing 
  • Condition
  • Quality 
  • Look - staging and photography 
  • Smell
  • Sound
  • Feel

Selling a home is a mix of art and science. There is no substitute for an experience and unbiased and honest evaluation. 

I hope this has been helpful and informative for you to read. 

If you have questions about the real estate sales process or are interested in selling your home, let’s chat! 

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