Discovering Cobb County's Cultural Gems: A Theatrical Journey

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Discovering Cobb County's Cultural Gems: A Theatrical Journey

Hello, culture aficionados and artsy neighbors! Living in Marietta, Acworth, Kennesaw, and Smyrna, we are incredibly fortunate to have a vibrant cultural scene right at our doorstep. As your local guide and fellow arts enthusiast, I'm thrilled to share some of the most captivating theatrical experiences and hidden cultural gems our area has to offer. Whether you're a patron of the arts, an aspiring performer, or just looking for a delightful night out, Cobb County's theater and performance scene in 2024 is bursting with opportunities.


The Strand Theatre: A Marietta Icon

Nestled in the heart of Marietta, The Strand Theatre is not just a venue; it's a historic landmark. This beautifully restored theater hosts a variety of shows, from classic plays and musicals to modern performances. Their 2024 lineup is set to dazzle, with productions that promise to enchant audiences of all ages. Don't miss their special showcase of local talent, a true testament to the artistic spirit of our community.


Theater on the Square: The Heartbeat of Local Arts

Marietta's Theatre on the Square is a hub for creative expression. Known for its diverse array of performances, including thought-provoking plays, heartwarming musicals, and uproarious comedies, this theater has something for everyone. Their community-driven approach means you're not just a spectator but a part of a larger family of arts lovers.


KSU -  

Cobb nerdy center welcomes La Boheme - the Atlanta ballet.

Movies at the strand - JANUARY 19 the Shining -

Movies at The Strand: The Shining (1980)

January 19, 2024

The Strand Theatre

117 N Park Square, Marietta, GA

The Shining is based on a book by Stephen King that is the story of a family who heads to an isolated hotel for the winter where a sinister presence lurks. 


Laugh Out Loud: Comedy Nights and Live Performances

Who doesn't need a good laugh now and then? Cobb County is home to several comedy nights and live performance venues that are sure to tickle your funny bone. Keep an eye on local listings for stand-up comedy nights, improv shows, and open-mic events where humor and community meet.



Hidden Gems: Local Production Companies

Our area is rich with local production companies that bring unique and compelling stories to life. These groups are the unsung heroes of our cultural landscape, often showcasing original works and adaptations that resonate with our community. From the powerful performances by small troupes in Acworth to the avant-garde productions in Smyrna, there’s a wealth of talent waiting to be discovered.


Participate, Support, Enjoy!

The beauty of our local arts scene is that there are countless ways to get involved. Whether you're interested in auditioning for a play, volunteering behind the scenes, or simply enjoying a show as a patron, your support nurtures the cultural vitality of our community.


2024's Can't-Miss Cultural Events
-Art Festivals: Cobb County's art festivals showcase incredible local artists across various mediums. Perfect for a family outing or a solo adventure, these festivals are a celebration of creativity and community.

-Music Ensembles: From classical orchestras to contemporary bands, our music ensembles offer concerts that cater to all musical tastes. Look out for special outdoor concerts in the warmer months!

-Theatre Series: Each of our theaters offers a seasonal series that brings a mix of well-loved classics and new, exciting productions to the stage. Be sure to check their schedules for special themed nights and guest performances.

As we embark on this journey through Cobb County’s cultural landscape, I encourage you to explore, participate, and immerse yourself in the rich artistic experiences our community offers. Each performance, each exhibit, and each concert is a chance to connect with fellow art lovers and support the creative heartbeat of our neighborhoods. So let’s gather, let’s celebrate, and let’s keep the arts thriving in 2024 and beyond. Curtain up! 🎭🎨🎶


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