7 Things You Need To know Before Moving To Marietta Georgia

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7 Things You Need To know Before Moving To Marietta Georgia

1. Location

Marietta is a vibrant city located in Cobb County, Georgia, just a short drive away from Atlanta. It offers all the conveniences of living in the city but with a small-town charm. With its beautiful trees and parks, as well as a wide variety of outdoor activities like fishing and golfing, it's an ideal place to call home.

2. The cost of living 

The cost of living in Marietta is slightly higher than the national average but still much lower than in other parts of Georgia or even in some major cities around the country. This means that residents have access to quality amenities and services without paying too much out-of-pocket expense.

3. Jobs and Economy

Marietta's economy is diverse and growing; many leading companies have offices here, including Lockheed Martin, Home Depot, and more. There are also plenty of small businesses that provide local jobs for all types of professionals.

4. The Education System

The education system in Marietta is top-notch; there are several highly-rated public schools and excellent private school options as well. In addition to traditional classrooms and on-site activities, students can take advantage of online learning resources such as computer labs and virtual field trips to broaden their horizons beyond the classroom walls.

5. Public Transportation

Public transportation is abundant in Marietta, with both bus routes and MARTA rail lines potently coming soon residents can easily travel around the greater metro area or take advantage of long-distance trips such as express buses between Athens and Atlanta or shuttles to nearby airports like Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport and DeKalb Peachtree Airport (PDK).

6. The Culture

The culture scene in Marietta is alive, with a variety of festivals throughout the year celebrating everything from music to art to food and more! In addition to these annual events, there are tons of great restaurants, bars, theaters, museums, libraries—and more—to explore, making for endless entertainment options no matter your interests!

7. Real Estate 

Marietta's real estate market is booming, with housing prices rising steadily and new developments popping up every day. As a result, Marietta is an attractive place for investors looking to cash in on the appreciation of homes in the area. The city offers a variety of housing options that range from single-family homes in established neighborhoods to townhomes closer to town.


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