Madison Georgia is a small-town jewel. The town offers a wealth of shopping, dining, browsing, music events and outdoor activities. Best of all, they’re blessed with charm, history, Southern hospitality, and they’re located within an hour’s drive of Atlanta. People who live and visit Madison are struck with awe as they walk on the clean sidewalks and streets, enjoy the beautiful seasonal flowers on both sides of the road and walkways, and the historic houses that line up and down the street project a sense of southern comfort living. Madison is versatile with everything included from visiting, living, retirement, fun, all above. A great place to see historic homes, southern living. A great place to visit to feel a sense of southern charm and hospitality. A great place to start a family within a local and friendly community. A great place to live if one loves small town connections, genuine people, sense of hospitality and close neighbors that turn into friends. Great place to retire with space, in a thriving town and not a gated or crowded community. Downtown they host music festivals, live events, weekly farmers markets, races and all you can think of! Madison has a weekly newsletter with all of the towns upcoming events, downtown news, store sales, as well as kids nights! This family friendly town hosts an event for all types of people, ages, and on various nights so all can join.

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